An Introduction to Home Schooling

Home schooling has gained greatly in popularity over the years. Many parents feel the education system is not doing its job to educate their children. Some parents have decided to school their children themselves. This form of schooling takes place in the home and is structured in a similar manner to the regular school experience. I have noted that in families where a child is receiving home schooling, that the child tends to be a little further ahead than his/her peers.

Parents work with the school to provide an education that is equal to the one they would receive in a regular school setting. The children must have learning sessions in topics such as math, reading, science, and history. There must also be some form of physical activity during the day, comparable to gym. The physical activities used in home schooling are many times used as a positive reinforcement to keep good study habits.

Of course, like most things, home schooling has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide is home schooling is right for your children.

Advantages include a more focused learning environment. Without the distraction of other students, children will be able to concentrate on what is being taught. It is also a more relaxed atmosphere. Children are comfortable in their own homes, aren’t embarrassed to be wrong, and won’t feel the social pressure to conform to others’ opinions. These all can be great pluses for home schooling.

There are also drawbacks to home schooling. Social skills are not developed as quickly. The children are often sheltered from life situations such as not being included in a group or being the best in the class. These children can sometimes feel uncomfortable in social situations because they are not used to them. By allowing the child personal interactions with their peers, you can get over this disadvantage rather quickly.

Home schooling is a decision that should be made based on the child’s attitude and social adjustment. While it can be a wonderful experience stimulated with learning and free thought, it can teach children not to rely on community, which is something we all rely on at some point during our lives. Ignoring this could make settling into college or a career a lot more difficult than it has to be. Not saying that a child will not fit in, just that it can prove to be harder. There are also steps you can take to make this transition as smooth as possible.