The Truth About Home Schooling – The Benefits Are Real

There are many valid reasons why parent may decide to remove their children from public schools and begin home schooling them. Hundreds of thousands of parents across America have come to the conclusion that public schools simply cannot guarantee their children’s safety; that public school overcrowding is depriving their children of the individual attention they need from their teachers; and that the presence from bullies and uncontrollable children in public schools is to distracting for their children.

While there are many negatives in the public school experience which justify the decision to begin home schooling a child, there is also one very big positive. Research studies have shown that home schooled children learn better than those who remain in public schools, and even better than children in expensive private schools. The truth about home schooling is that the research indicates that for most children, being removed from public school for home schooling was the best decision their parents could have made.

Home Schooling Success Stories

There are, of course, the individual stories which reflect glory on the truth about home schooling: the 2007 winner of the Scripps National Spelling Bee was thirteen-year-old Evan O’Dorney. Because of is flexible home schooling schedule, his mother was able to spend two hours coaching him with his spelling each day for several weeks before the competition.

The truth about home schooling is that, unlike public schooling, it does not have artificial standards to which each child must conform before being allowed to advance to the next grade. Home schooling allows children to progress at different rates in each subject, so second-grader Mary may be reading at a sixth-grade level while she is still trying to master second-grade math. The home schooled child is in no danger of being “left back” or of being called the class dummy.

The USDE Agrees

The US Department of Education itself has supported the findings of studies which indicate that by the end of eighth grade, home schooled children are performing an average of four grades ahead of their public school counterparts. Whether the home schools are that much better, or the public schools are that much worse, may not be clear, but the results are.

Home schooling will be a learning experience for parents as well as children and in the early going can be stressful for parents who have not attempted formal teaching before. So the support of other home schooling parents can be very helpful, and another truth about home schooling is that the parents engaged in it are some of the most supportive people one is likely to meet.

The evidence seems clear that home schooling is almost never a mistake, as long as both parents and children are willing to put their full efforts into making it work!.