Prepare Yourself for the PMP Exam

If an athlete prepares himself for a race, he does running exercises for it. A singer practices his voice in order to have a perfect performance. A boxer does punch everyday so that during the match, he’ll achieve the championship. For example, Manny Pacquiao didn’t just wake up to be an instant boxing expert without any preparation for it.

And as a student studies his lessons as he makes himself ready for an exam, so as PMP students. They need to study in order to pass the PMP exam especially that this exam determines their profession and career path. But, how and what you should do in preparing yourself?

I have been with all those unexplainable feelings so I do understand how you feel. But nothing really happens if you just keep on worrying. We need to do something so that when the PMP exam came, we are ready. At least confidence will be found in us, being sure that we will surely pass.

Here are some of the tips in preparing for the PMP exam:

o Pray: To all those who believe in the power of prayer, you better pray! It will surely help you feel at ease and calm as you start studying without thinking too much about what will come out of the exam.

o Resources: With computer in front of you, you could easily search for PMP study guide books. But before picking anything, you should choose a guide book that you could easily understand, useful and is well-informed.

o Questions: There are lots of PMP questions scattered in the internet. Using those questions, test yourself of what you’ve learned about Project Management. Testing yourself is effective in internalizing the lessons you’ve learned. Besides, those lessons will be really useful as you start working as a Project Manager.

o Seminars and Trainings: Try to attend conferences and seminars. Learn from other great and expert Project Managers and their ways in learning Project Management. You many not know, their ideas fit you and will greatly help you in taking the Project Management Exam.

o My Tip: Always think of positive things. Think that you could pass the test. Think that you are able to take the certification that proves you are already a Project Manager. Believe in yourself that you can! Also, hope. Nothing is lost if you are going to hope for the best of yourself.

These tips are just my own experience and understanding. There are still lots of other ways in preparing for the PMP exam. And you can also make your own ways where you feel comfortable with. But whatever preparation we are going to make, we all know that the path to success is quite difficult. For me, you should have faith in God and never lose hope. Do your very best and you will surely see results from all your effort. And as you study, don’t forget to have fun! Being happy on what you are doing leads you to success. Happiness brings many great things and gives you long and peaceful life. Don’t make the exam an obstacle but a challenge. The greater the challenge, the greater the honor it will give you, especially if you have succeeded the challenge. So cheer up and good luck on the PMP exam!